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May, 2018

New website!!! And you're looking at it. More new and updated stuff coming soon!!!

January, 2018
*Kicking off the year with a new, Comedy /  Interactive Series I narrated (God Voice!) for THAT MOMENT WHEN.  

  Watch and Play it: 
*I am so grateful to my union (SAG-AFTRA) and  wanted to give back.  I have been volunteering with Actorsfund, and their VITA program, helping actors file their taxes with the IRS.  (a crazy joy of mine. Yep, I'm serious). 
​*New projects posted on my IMDB, since my last update! 
*My husband and I are planning our next trip abroad!  We'll be headed back to Europe this summer, spending most of our time traveling Spain, and hopping over to France for a friends wedding. 

August, 2017
Guess who's back!?  So much has happened in my absence. 
-I planned a wedding and got married earlier this year!
-New Headshots Posted!  My hair has finally grown back!
-I officially changed my name (formerly known as Hannah Johnson).  I decided to take the plunge and change both my Legal & Stage Name.  
-My husband & I went on an awesome honeymoon to Iceland & France this summer.  
​-I just recently finished taking Groundlings Intermediate  class.  
-Still going strong in Voice Over's.  New projects to post soon! 
-I'm finally heading back to hitting the pavement in the On-Camera rat-race.   
-Currently looking for new Theatrical representation.  

March 23, 2016
-The NEW HEADSHOTS are up!  As you can see, my hair is growing back.  Go to my IMDB page to see some past hairstyles:  
-I've been booking voiceovers!  Go over to the Voice Over page to check out the new updated Voice Over Resume. 
-I'm newly Engaged!  My fiance´ popped the question on our trip to India this past January, which was absolutely amazing!
Check out pics & videos of the trip! 

October 1, 2015
So much has happened this year! 
-I booked a Mercedes commercial (Christmas campaign), with my....
-NEW Commercial agents: Daniel Hoff Agency! 
-I went to Portugal this past summer for 6 weeks, for a language immersion program.  I am now conversational in Portuguese, and am continuing to study Brazilian Portuguese here in LA. 
-I have new headshots and a new look (my hair is growing!)
-I went skydiving for the second time. No big deal. 

News! Glorious, News!

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